Document Map’s secret

Document map is one of my favorite features in SSRS especially for nested document map.

In SSRS, document map makes the report navigation in report much easier. After design the document map in report, It comes with an “index” section in the left frame when you view the report, example shown as below.


If you only setup the document map as a bookmark, that is not something I wanna talk today as it is really straightforward. My focus today is on “nested” document map. First of all, what do I mean “Nested”. By examining the example above, Category(“Bike”) as the first level holds “Subcategory”(“Road Bikes”) inside of it’s body, further, Subcategory as a group embraces the model (“Road-150”) . And under the umbrella of “Model”, there is a list of products. This is what I mean “nested”. When it comes to implementation next, how to achieve this? I hope my draft picture below can illustrate the idea. As the picture shows, the implementation in SSRS is to use list/table to contain another list/table inside and setup document map on each group level in each container(list/table).


Hope I have touched the right point and you take something useful away.