Report Manager–“Run as Administrator”

The magic of “Run as Administrator” shines many places with no exception in report manager(RM, which is a Reporting Service web portal). If you run IE/Chrome to open the RM, you only can see this,


On the other hand, if you run your IE/Chrome or other explorers in “Admin” mode(Right click–>Run as administrator), it looks like below. There are two outstanding features only available for “admin” mode–“site settings” and  “User Folders”.


You can setup Reporting Service instance level properties in “Site Setting” feature and , when “My Reports” feature has been enabled, “Users Folders” option gives administrator to explorer all users’ preference pre-stored reports or linked reports.

Keep in mind magics only show up in “Run as Administrator” mode but not in the normal mode though you truly are an administrator.

My Friends, give a shoot by yourself.


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Derek Dai

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