Http/Https access your SSAS Cubes

As you know, the default port for SSAS Cube is 2382, which means to accept the requests from any client to access the cubes needs to guarantee both the outbound port 2382 on clients and the inbound port 2382 on server open. Otherwise, the connectivity test cannot pass.

In some cases, e.g., my company, we only open http port(80) and https port(443) and other ports are natively closed by firewall rules for security concern. In order to make sure the end users being able to connect to SSAS Cube, requesting to open the firewall rule is required but it usually takes time(2~3 weeks). Any workaround can resolve this issue? Can we make the clients to access SSAS Cube using  80 or 443 ports?

The short answer is YES. This post is to talk about the solution. The key point here is to copy the executable files in IIS folder and expose this website to be accessible. When the coming requests hit this website endpoint (80/443), the http handler will use the executable(MSMDPUMP.dll) to cope with the requests.

By default, the website is to use 80 port. In order to expose as a secure endpoint(443), to request a certificate is necessary.

Detailed steps, please follow this thread.

Nice to mention, if you don’t want to expose the URL like this “http://my-web-srv01/OLAP/msmdpump.dll”, in website configuration, you can setup “msmdpump.dll” as a default page., then it ends up with this URL more elegant “http://my-web-srv01/”. Life goes much easier.

http SSAS


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