Automation Scripts for Your Tabular Cube Deployment

If time permits, I would love to make all deployment process in an automation mode.

A number of reasons support us(BI developer maybe for all IT professionals) to do so. Saving time is the first one. Thinking about the case of deploying SSRS Reports, Cubes, …the deployment scripts can make the deployment just one click away. When the deployment goes to many environments, this benefit will be more outstanding. In addition, saving money! Why? the license fee for tools like BIDS is for developers not for release professionals. If somehow there is a dedicated the person to control the release and we make the scripts ready for him, then we can save some bucks for buying BIDS/SSDT for the release team and even it is not unnecessary for them to spend learning time on how to use the tools like visual studio, BIDS, …. Further, Making an UI tool to wrap up your scripts and grant the permission to team tech leads, your employer can even save the money for hiring the release person or may expand the release team’s bandwidth largely.

Knowing this drive me , each time, to find a way to make my deployment process as automatic as possible. Here is a quick tip for you to learn how to make SQL 2012 tabular Cube deployment automatic. In the age of SQL2005/2008/2008R2, we have “ascmd.exe”. Now, it has gone and what we have is a more powerful tool “Powershell” and “Invoke-ascmd” command. 

The syntax is quite simple and changes less comparing with ASCMD. My basic deployment scripts looks like below

Invoke-ASCMD -Server “…” ` <–Your AS Server name

                         -Inputfile “…..”<–Use your Cube deployment wizard to generate this file

                         -Tracefile “…..” <—-Output the results

Try this out, buddy.






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Derek Dai

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