Display Folder in Tabular Model

SSAS 2012 has been released for almost 2 years. More and more organizations as I heard have already embraced this fabulous BI tool. But maybe, you, as well as I, are still used to some advanced features in Multiimensional Cube like “Measures Display Folder”, “Drill Through Designing” …Admittedly, all these advanced features, by design, are not available so far for tabular Cube. But here is the good news for you–“BIDS Helper”.

Yes, BIDS helper can help you design all these features in Tabular model.

After BIDS Helper intsallation–just copying and unlocking, launch your VS/BIDT tool again. You will see BIDS helper in “Help–>About’ window as below. (BTW, I am a little bit proud of this. Because, vey early, I tried this tool when it was a beta version and I found out a bug, if you dont unlock these DLLs, it wont work. Then I reported this error to BIDS helper team, and they listed this in notes on Codeplex–a little piece of my contribution.)

BIDS about

Then, right click your “model” file, more features are available now as below.


Have  a qucik try on “Tabular Display Folers…”, it pops up a window for you to desing the display folder, simple, easy and clean.

bids windowActually, more useful features are provided by BIDS helper. Check this out: http://bidshelper.codeplex.com/, have fun.


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